Johel Pereira (b. 1998) is a Miami-based artist currently pursuing a Masters at Barry University. He uniquely blends design, and film to explore universal human experiences. His work transcends geographic boundaries, emphasizing storytelling to address shared challenges and foster empathy. Through his distinct artistic voice, Pereira invites viewers to connect with narratives that reflect the essence of the human condition, creating a dialogue that unites diverse audiences


2024 | MFA Graduate show, Andy Gato Gallery, Miami, USA

2024 | “Wifebeater?”, Andy Gato Gallery, Miami, USA

2023 | “Light, Movement and Sound”, Miami Art Society, Miami, USA

2023 | “The Chronicle is the fable for these timid eyes” MIFA Gallery, Miami, USA

2023 | “studio vii”, Private viewing, Miami, USA

2023 | “Tolerance Project” DK Display Corp., New York, USA


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