My photo series digs into the unsettling history of "wifebeater," exposing its violent roots and questioning its modern relevance. Through interviews and portraits, we explore how this label shapes our perception of a common garment and spark conversations about language and social responsibility. ️
portraits, exhibition   

Synthetic Symmetry   "Synthetic Symmetry," uses cyanotype-rendered facial features on fabric to evoke humanity's shared essence beyond cultural and societal constructs, inviting viewers to embrace identity fluidity and celebrate our interconnectedness.
cyanotype, experimental photography

Vogue Italia
Best of Photo Vogue.
fashion photography, styling, studio photography   

Eggs From The Dumbwaiter   Eggs from the dumbwaiter is a short film Directed by Andres Gimenez, shot in Rufus Nims home in the notorious Morningside Neighborhood coined the ‘Jetsons House.’ 
documentary, behind the scenes 

Test Shoot
Test shoot with Poodle.

Urban Outfitters
Brought Urban Outfitters' SS21 collection to life through my lens, capturing the vibe of Stüssy, Obey, and Levis in sun-drenched cityscapes.
fashion photography, lookbook, styling